Naye Dukan is a online shop. As Naye Dukan is operating all over Pakistan with discounted and reasonable digital video games. Naye Dukan gives Pakistani gamers the legit video games with best and friendly service on every sale. In Pakistan pirated games are very common and increasing day by day which leads Pakistani gamers to unsatisfactory gaming experience. Its Naye Dukan duty to make original and authentic gaming possible in Pakistan. We want to bring Pakistani Gamers a better gaming experience. Deals in digital Video Games, Digital Gift Cards, Steam Wallet Codes, Origin Redeem Codes, XBOX ONE Redeem Codes, uPlay Digital Codes, Softwares, Licensed Keys, Gadgets and much more…

Naye Dukan
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They did not had any website and social media platforms. These guys used to sell digital games on different marketplaces like olx, bolee and by personal references. So they were in need of a website because these days website has important credibility in an online business. Selling in marketplaces was very difficult for them because of the trust factor they did not had any own platform. So they decided to have a website and they found Webtonix very helpful.


As the best website developers in Islamabad, Pakistan our Webtonix team developed a website for Naye Dukan with the domain of www.nayedukan.com and started digital marketing in social media platforms and done Search Engine Optimization for website ranking. The website has many advance features like you can add products, categories, customer registration, order tracking, chatting and linked with social media platforms along with whatsapp.


Now Naye Dukan is one of the leading Pakistan’s digital video games store with instant digital delivery system via SMS, WhatsApp or Email. They have just increased the number of sales along with increased number of customers.